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Water warning

Something to look out for....

Now autumn is over (!), it's a good time to check your scuttle.

These do get full of leaf debris and do block up the drain hose.

I was poking around under the bonnet of my Dobby, and noticed the drain hose - only one on this later model, on the passenger side. A quick squeeze of the bottom (the hose, I mean) initiated a deluge of at least 10 litres of water that had accumulated in the scuttle over goodness knows how long. Cleared out the leafy stuff and hopefully it's good to go for another year.

Mine wasn't high enough to get water into the heater vent, but it would be possible for it to do so, resulting in wet carpets.

I remember Rover, in their wisdom, on the 75's putting the engine ECU in the scuttle. The drains (both of them) block up, which drowned the ECU, costing lots of money. A common issue at the time.

For the uninitiated, the scuttle is the bulkhead between engine and passenger compartment. The heater air intake is mounted on this (the grille below the wipers is the air intake) and forms a plenum for the heater. Often the wiper motor and mechanism is in there too. Obviously, rain goes down the grille by the wipers into the plenum, and, in theory at least, goes out down the drain.

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Re: Water warning

Yes my pandas the same, however access is very poor and I'm waiting for a warm day to get my tweasers out to romove them one by one!
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