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Engine management Dealer asssessment

2003 FIAT Doblo Cargo 1.9 JTD SX

After about three weeks of very short stops back and forth the engine management light came on, after a bit of research on here I took the risk to give it a bit of reving to clean the filters out a bit.

once the engine was warm i did a bit of *aggresive drving* and the light went out.

My business is mainly weekends and I don't need a van mon-fri but I booked it in to the local fiat dealer to get a diagnostic ( and a free health check) I have read around the various posts and will now got through the AFM and EGR ones. but I wanted to assess some general feedback.

  1. They believe the Air Flow meter and EGR may be EOL van is 2003 and 121K miles.
  2. I was aware of the tyres, I have a friend at the local kwik fit who I trust and two CEAT brand tyres for 118 seem like a reasonable purchase. I generally drive a saab and I am used to that per tyre. IS there a solid recommendation for tyres. I will probably put these in on the front and the rear (4mm) ones on the front. They have worn very unevenly and I wonder if its a sympton of the vehicle or simple poor tracking/balance.
  3. coolant low and very diluted
  4. Service is 250ish
I only brought the van for 2k last year and even throught the milage was high its been fantastically reliable.

Does anyone know of a FIAT specialist in the Dudley,Birmingham, WOlverhampton area. I take my saab to West midlands saab specialists and they are fantastic and they cost around 30% less than main dealers. i would love to find the FIAT equivilent and don't mind a bit of inconvienice.

Thanks for your time.

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Re: Engine management Dealer asssessment

Hi there

Not sure they will thank me for pushing a Doblo their way but MotorMech in Birmingham specialise in Fiats particularly Coupe's.

As for tyres the correct ones for your age of Doblo were I think Pirelli P3000 R/L they need to be reinforced. Very good though, good grip and last well, tracking permitted. My mate who has my old 03 JTD Doblo got a full set from Kwikfit 230, thats for 4!

The uneven tyre wear is an issue for lots of bigger Fiats as they dial in positive camber to the front suspension to improve the handling set up. Many issues with Stilo's as well as some Croma's, many threads on this forum about the problem. However, can be resolved, need to be sure front lower wishbone bushes are in good condition, preferably replace and then a good four wheel alignment by an alignment centre rather than tyre fitting centre.

The Doblo like other Fiats is very heavy on its suspension bushes, this is what gives Fiats their sporting driving feel, however, they only have to wear out a bit and it all goes to pot!

All turbo diesels seem to suffer with the EGR blocking up with soot, you can clean them but replacement is only cure, I'd say 121k miles is damn good on original, you can block them off but I wouldn't recommend it, will run but also increase combustion temperatures!

Hope this helps.
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