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Re: Roof railings - now it looks all proper

Such a pity they don't make them to fit properly.
Then again, mine were advertised as being specifically for the Doblo - but, as you can see from my pics, they aren't anywhere near.

It's such a pity that Fiat don't install the rails to every motor - or at least sell them to retro fit (at an affordable price - have you seen the stooopid prices they charge for accessories on their website? ).
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Re: Roof railings - now it looks all proper

The quest still continues...........
This photo is (I think) from a motorshow in Turkey (where Dobs are made ?) and look at the great roof rails. (Probably need to click photo to get bigger size).
Anyone got any mates in Turkey? I've tried translating roof rack into Turkish and using Google but no success.
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Re: Roof railings - now it looks all proper

Quote Originally Posted by Tango Dioblo View Post
I've exchanged some emails with Neumann and the news isn't good.

Although they would be happy to ship to the UK the bars aren't intended to be fitted to the standard points!
I quote:

Message 1;
"Our technology of fixation includes drilling in the roof and fixation by means of rivets without damaging inside upholstery. As this is not an easy operation requiring certain skills and tools, we normally do not sell these products directly to end customers but recommend them to have this operation done in service/repair shops trained by us. Many cars are already fitted with these railings directly from the factory."

First of all, the railings were fitted using exactly the factory fixing points. It is true however, the technician has not used the factory drillings but fitted some other combination of fixing (not by all means rivets) in order to get the reuired holding position. And yes, I have got the trained people to carry all the fixing operation since the collection of elements that accompanied the rails jus disabled my manual skills. Other than that, the railings look stock and seem tough enough to withstand the luggage.
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Re: Roof railings - now it looks all proper

Hi Hoota, Sludge,

I was sceptical of their response too, who'd drill new holes in a Doblo that didn't need it?

I thought that Hoota's rails looked great and so I've asked for more details from Neumann to see what really needs to be done. The guy there types great English but he's having to translate so there might be something getting lost - this is no crititicism it's not like I can clear up the details in his language :-)

Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this... If its worth doing would anyone be interested in a group purchase?

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