Halfords Autocentre Newport

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A basic task, completed well 😊
My experience was very basic

I had a tyre deal offered, it was £20 a tyre cheaper than anywhere else,

Booked at "Halfords Newport",

Turned out there are 2 x sites

I was at the one that opens SATURDAY'S PM, but doesn't do tyres

They took my 2 x wheels

And it was all ready from
"the tyre place" a week later

2 x good value tyres, and friendly helpful service..
varesecrazy recommends this garage
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Nice try but not completely impressed
  • Professional
  • Thorough
  • Reasonable value, if no problems
  • Not really "can do"
  • Some "failure" items mis-diagnosed
  • Uses cheap price to up-sell repairs
MOT'd my 209,000 mile Stilo JTD.

They always give me a hard time ever since the beast smoked out their garage/clogged the emissions tester a couple of years ago.. :D and the tailgate dropped onto the tester's head due to weak struts.... so this time the car was really, really immaculate.

I fitted a new turbo actuator boost valve, replaced the boot struts.. and fitted new wishbone arms since one was a bit moody... and removed the child seat so it wasn't in the way.

  • The car "failed" on a lazy seat belt retractor (the one where the child seat had been fitted for two years.. annoying but maybe "fair enough")
  • They failed the wishbone ("pin is worn"... despite it being just 2 weeks old)..
  • They didn't test the emissions because of excess smoke, even though that was residual from the old/lazy boost valve)... and;
  • They failed the track rod end... which was "fine" when they had adjusted the tracking just a fortnight earlier. When I replaced the track rod, I found it was damaged but the effort required to unbolt the lock nut makes me think their "adjustment" of the tracking must have consisted of belting the track rods with a hammer.. no way they had been loosened and re-tightened just two weeks earlier.
Overall, not impressed... and won't be inconveniencing them again with my business..
Ralf S. does not recommend this garage!