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Have to say these guys are fantastic, I had lubricant service :) + brakes done (Discs Pads) and they were prompt, professional and polite. Would recomend 100% if you are in London. Good prices too.
giotecno recommends this garage
excellent,workmanship,price,customer service.
After internet reviews research on tons of motor repair businesses in London and avoiding main dealers. I decided to take my semi automatic 07 Fiat Panda to Firela Motors, Clapham to get some work done on in and for servicing, MOT, (MOT at Firela is £35) and winter check £10. Also I had some other works done on my car at the same time. They allowed me to watch,when I requested to do so, showed me where the fault lied and showed me the new boxed part as it was being assembled. Firela Motors are the cheapest garage I have found when shopping around. They did an excellent job at very good price. I will definitely use them again. This is the first time I can say I am truly happy with a garage.
Malomy recommends this garage
Great service
Went into Firela motors yesterday to ask about a service for my 500 Abarth and they were able to do it the same day and let me stick around and watch as I wanted to check under the car as it looked like I might have a small leak.

The mechanic who done the service was top notch. I had just installed the induction kit and had my own oil filter which that way able to use and reduce the price. In the end I paid just over £140 I think which was over £300 cheaper then what Abarth quoted. No I don't have an Abarth stamp in the log book but doubt it will make much difference when it comes time to sell the car.

Overall really pleased and will be taking the car there in the near future to get a slip diff and new brakes installed :D
killahboo recommends this garage

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