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Bleeding Brake and Clutch Fluids - Manual 16V MJet 150
Published by s130
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Bleeding Brake and Clutch Fluids - Manual 16V MJet 150

Braking systems are a critcal and essential safety feature of your car. Unless you know how to test and bleed hydraulic brake systems then you should NOT be follwing this guide.

Reason For Guide
The Croma seems to be different to every other vehicle I have had the pleasure to change/bleed brake and clutch fluid on.

The brakes are fairly standard and straight forward but the clutch is TOTALLY different to anything I've ever come across and has a hidden secret regarding fluid replenishment/top-up.

Firstly ..... sorry for no pictures.
Secondly ..... this could also apply to the 8V MJet and 2.2 litre petrol
Thirdly ..... this guide applies only to traditional manual pedal bleeding and NOT pressure bleeding.

Preliminary Knowledge
1) The Croma 16V 150 MJet has a single common fluid resevoir for the both the brake and the clutch.

2) On inspection the resevoir appears to be partitioned into a front half section which supplies the brake circuit and a rear half section that supplies the clutch circuit.

3) The rear half section appears to be divided into a 2/3rd and 1/3rd compartments with the rear right 1/3rd comparment feeding directly into the tube feed to the clutch master cylinder.

4) The clutch slave cylinder is internal to the gearbox bell housing but has an external PLASTIC bleed valve located above the gearbox. To get to this bleed valve you have to remove the large upwards hooped/bent rubber hose located between the battery and the cylinder head.

Brake Bleeding / Changing
1) Syphon off fluid from the resvoir. Only the front comparment will be drain.
2) Top resevoir back up to brim level
3) With assitant perform standard brake bleeding by depressing brake pedal repeatedly till: (a) clear fluid appears and (b) no air bubbles appear.
4) FREQUENTLY check the resevoir fluid level and top up ensuring the fluid never drops too low and air gets pumped into the system.
5) Repeat (2) to (4) for all four brake calipers


a) as always synchronisation between pedal pusher and bleed valve operator is required especially if back suction and air ingress around the bleed nipple is occuring

b) If (a) applies or is happening then the pedal pusher should tell the bleed nipple operator on every down stroke just before they reach the end of the down stroke so the bleed nipple operator can shut the valve and stop the pedal travel before the end of the full pedal stroke.

Clutch Bleeding / Changing
1) Basically the same as for brakes except the clutch predal is used

2) On EVERY clutch pedal down stroke the rear 1/3rd resevoir partition fluid level will drop AND WILL NOT be automatically refreshed and the front resevoir fluid level will not drop to allow more fluid to be added.

3) This rear 1/3rd resevoir has limited fluid content so YOU MUST watch it like a hawk.

4) To get the rear 1/3rd resevoir to top up you have to periodically press/pump the brake pedal. On doing so the overall resevoir fluid level will drop allowing more fluid to be added.

When all is done top-up or remove excess fluid from the resevoir.
Perform full operation checks with both engine off and engine running. If you don't know how to do these tests then you did not read the CAUTION section and should not have got this far!
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