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I have now discovered that the problem with my car is two of my pistons are actually cracked. i have the 16v turbo engine and want to know does anyone know where to get forged pistons at a reasonable cost? also is it worth it or not? i dont know alot about this sort of work on engines or where to even start looking for parts. any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: rebuild

Sorry to hear it. Unfortunately you'll probably find the cost of parts/labour by a professional (apart from doing it yourself) is more than the value of the car. You might try the Fiat Coupe Forum to see if anybody can help you.

Other option is to change the complete engine rather than fix yours, if you can source a runner.
There are several engines that fit as the block's are the same size. 16v non-turbo should go straight in. 20V /20VT will fit with some mods but will need a different drive train ECU etc I think? Punto HGT 1747 4 pot should go in as some european LHD coupes used it. Alfa 1.8 -2L's also fit but will need a different gearbox I think? A few ideas there.

Whatever you do this will work out expensive .
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Re: rebuild

hi mate,
best to just re-build your engine.
no point in changing the engine.

sorce all the revevant parts (fiat coupe forum has a list of parts) and take it some where to have it fitted!

sorry to here your bad luck.

also just to add, if you dont want to do the work or you look to get rid of the car, drop me a pm and i may take it off your hands for a track car!

but i would say re-build it! i remember seeing this at the red dot rolling road, lovely Tipo!!
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Re: rebuild

I know Guy Croft does forged pistons for that engine.
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Re: rebuild

As above, Just get the block rebuilt, that car you have is quite unique and is well worth saving
I may get shot for this but get over on to fccuk as they have a fair bit more experience with the 16vt unit

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