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Registered: Feb 2015
Location: Bari - South Italy
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Mon Dec 18, 2017 2748
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Introduction :

Hello to everybody.
My name is Mirko, I have a white Panda 4x4 MK2 , year 1987, inherited from my grandfather. I speak fluently English, I don’t use translators and devices to talk with you.
I’m the ambassador of Panda 4x4 Off Road Club Italia, many users of this forum have met me in real life.
After years of cooperation with users of all the world, I have decided to create a convention with British users , after seeing the quantity of requests for Lift Kits received from this country.
In this way it is fixed a total price for the lift kit, the same price for all users.

The “Lift Kit Convention” :

This Trade Convention is dedicated to you for promoting Lift Kits export in UK by presenting handicraft products, between Italy and overseas.
Moreover, supporting this convention, I aim to offer everyone our experience in modifying Pandas, and to do everything in a “Transparent way”, under your eyes.

The aforementioned kit, it’s a 5 cm lift-up.
The yield varies from Panda to Panda, you get between 5 and 6 centimeters of lift.

Most of users of our forum use this kit, but it is not a "standard" kit.
I get the different supplies from different parts of Italy.
The springs, the spacers, the lifted shock absorbers, the flange and so on.
All pieces are very high quality, tested, and they do not need additional modifies to be mounted.
After you mount them, the car is ready to be used, and they are very comfortable in the “on road” use.

According to Italian club's rules, I SPECIFY that the club does not have profits and responsibilities on the objects for sale.
I’m selling the lift kits representing my own person, and not the club.


Springs : 150 + 18 Euros (168 E)
Flange (you need it when you lift your panda) : 125 E
Shock Absorbers (front & rear ones) : 190 E
Spacers for shock absorbers ( 12 mm) : 75 E

Wedge-Shaped Spacers : 80 E
(you put them below the leaf springs)
Leaf Spring Shackles : 100 E


Add 16-17 Euros for different payment tickets (755 Euro)
Add 100 Euros for the different shippings to my house (each piece is made by a different factory) , and about 30 - 40 Euros are my gain.

Shipping weight is between 20-25 kilograms. (145 Euro)
The standard weight for a lift kit is 23 – 24 kilograms.

Pacco Celere Internazionale - Quick Box International

755 + 100 + 145 = 1.000 Euros

Final price for British members : 1.000 EUROs


Even if all pieces are included in this lift kit, you could
need these small items to do a perfect job.
Lots of Pandas need to replace the old rubbers, or bolts…….

Longer bolts (high resistance) : 16 Euro (full set)
Rubber fittings for shackles : 27 Euro (full set)

If you are interested in buying these items in addition to the lift kit, add the price you see on the right to the total price of lift kit.

Example :
Longer bolts + Lift Kit = 1.000 Euros + 16 = 1.016 Euros.

It is possible to insure the shipping box, for the total value of your money.
(It can cover the whole quantity you send me by bank transfer)

The insurance price is : 27 Euros, for the whole value of the Lift Kit

The insurance does not cover any damage to the internal pieces (inside the box).
It covers only the big damages and the total loss of the shipment.

Total price for Full Optional Lift Kit :

Standard Price : 1.000 Euro
Optionals : 43 Euro
Insurance : 27 Euro

FINAL PRICE : 1.070 Euro


You just need a good mechanic, because a lift done wrong
can damage the 4x4 transmission parts.
The kit is really all you need for lifting your Panda.

It needs only a little check to camber and convergence of tires.
If you need assistance after the purchase, I remain at your disposal.
My father works in a bank, so he can actively check the status of international payment.


By profession I sail in the merchant navy, so I can be away from home for months.
Before proceeding to an order, please ask if I’m at home or at sea.
When at home, I answer very quickly.

Exceptions :

Often I am contacted for spare parts of our beloved Panda 4x4,
given that in Italy they are found quite easily.
It is possible to try to help, several times I have shipped overseas spare parts.

Please consider that I am not a mechanic, so if you have any special request you may need to explain with pictures what you need, because my knowledge is already limited in Italian, of course also in technical English.

Consider that for exceptions I need slightly more time, because I have to inquire about the availability from local auto parts shop and the prices.

Additional spare parts can be added to the lift kit package .
In case the box exceeds 25 kg, you should add 20 Euro to the shipping price.



Registered: Feb 2015
Location: Bari - South Italy
Posts: 115
Comment Date: Mon Dec 18, 2017



Springs : 5 centimeters longer than original ones.
Flange : The semi-axle will not break anymore with this flange.
Shock Absorbers (front & rear ones) :
+4 centimeters travel, lifted plate (1,5 centimeters)
Spacers for shock absorbers (+12 mm) :
perfect shape, easy to fit


Wedge-Shaped Spacers :
You put them below the leaf springs.
They have a modified PIVOT position, in this way after the lift, the rear axle of your car will follow the natural curve of the leaf spring.
The pivot position is NOT the same on the top and on the bottom of each wedge-shaped spacer.
They are made of 2 different materials, in this way they cannot merge.

Leaf Spring Shackles : perfect to follow the natural curve of the leaf springs.


If you do not buy the whole lift kit, I'm not responsible of
the "final lift" of your car.

I mean that each piece is very very important.
If a piece works wrongly, other pieces will get problems and maybe breaks.

I will send pictures in private to interested persons.
To request photos, send me a private message.

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Registered: Feb 2015
Location: Bari - South Italy
Posts: 115
Comment Date: Sat Mar 14, 2020



In addition to Lift Kit pieces, you could be interested about these "rare items", to give a wonderful "Off Road Style" to your Panda.

JECO JAPAN Inclinometer : xxx Euro
LESTER Fender Flares : xxx Euro (full set - 6 pieces)
CUSTOM Splash Guards : xx Euro (different models available)

If you are interested in buying these items in addition to the lift kit, add the price you see above.

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