128 Fiat 128 coupe

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Hello All,

For sale an extremely rare fiat 128 Coupe in orange. registered 04/10/1974

A bit about the car.
- I inherited the car from my stepdad back in 2012 at that point it was fully road worthy and being used by him.
- Since then it has sat in my garage and not been touched at all so would need a bit of tlc just to get it running and back the where it was before.
- As i am sure you are all aware rust killed basically all of these making it now an extremely rare car, this one rust wise is very good and structually sound (can send photos upon request)
- From my knowledge i know my stepdad changed the engine to what i believe is a 1.5 lump from a strada but not 100% sure he owned 13 classics doing all sorts of work on then.
-when he owned the car (i was in it at the time) he got rear ended gently not mega damage at all but this of course lead to it being written off which is such a shame it has been fully repaired since then but it is Cat D.
- Other than that the car is generally in very good condition for what it is, would need trailering away in its current state and of course i would highly recommend viewing the car to appreciate how good it is and what you are dealing with.

Really would love to get this back on the road myself but i have far too many other projects on the go at the moment and need the space, i would also much rather the car went to a home where somebody can give it the time it really deserves and would appreciate it more than what i probably do. it really it a stunning car when cleaned up.

This car does holds a lot of sentimental value to Myself and would love to see somebody return it to its former glory and i don't think this will be me for a few years to come which is too much of a shame so needs must.

If you have any questions what so ever do not hesitate to drop me a text on 07547 324 715 and i will do my best to answer any questions you might have, and of course viewing more than welcome.

As for a value really don't know what it worth so make me an offer.

All in all a great opportunity to own a car you will probably never see again in your life, i know these hold a place in many peoples hearts, i have been as honest as possible here and would love to see it go to a great home.

Thank for taking the time to read this.



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