500 (Classic) 1970 500L located in Southern California

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With heavy heart I am listing my 1970 500L for sale. I bought this car in 2016 when I was stationed in Napoli, from a local Neapolitan. I had the body, engine and transmission refurbished/rebuilt in Napoli. The gearbox is a synchronized variety from a 126 (no double clutching required). The interior was also redone in factory color ochre. The car was legally imported with customs documentation to back this up. I drove the car around Napoli for 4 years before being transferred back to the United States. Such great memories. I had full intentions to continue to drive this car in the U.S. but circumstances changes. See below.

Some notes:

- The standard points ignition has been replaced with an electronic 123 Ignition.

- The 1/2 shafts and splined couplings were upgraded with more robust offerings than the factory from D'Angelo Motori.

-The hubs are upgraded from a 126 (4x98 PCD) and the car is currently fitted with Mille Miglia type wheels and tires. Also included with the sale are 4 steel factory wheels fitted with Pirelli Cinturauto tires and hubcaps. These wheels require the use of 4x190 PCD adaptors to fit. These are included in the sale.

- I’ll also include a box of miscellaneous spare parts with the sale.

Some may wonder why I am selling. The reason is because my life has brought me to California, where I am unable to title and register the car. In order to get a California title, imported vehicles model year 1968 or newer must meet CA emission specifications - impossible for me. Since my Cinquino is a 1970, I’m afraid, this applies to me. When I purchased the car in 2016, I never thought I’d be returning to California and needing to comply with these rules.

That said, the car is being sold without a title, bill of sale only. Customs documentation and all previous Italian registration documents are included with the sale. I'm happy to provide additional photos or answer any additional questions.


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