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MOT prep

okay so its the dreaded MOT time.
im basing this on UK regulations but if you have info on other countries then PM me and i'll amend the details.

Before you start,if you didnt have the car for its last MOT then you can check its MOT history here
Handy for seeing what a car failed on or got advisories on before. last years advisories could be this years failures

the basics
  • check the simple stuff 1st.
  • check all the bulbs and switches work.
  • check the headlights and rear clusters for cracks/chips
  • check tyre tread(inc spare)
  • check all the seatbelts work lock/unlock
  • i usually leave all the seatbelts(bar drivers) clicked in as its one less job for the tester and you want to keep them happy!
  • check the wipers and washers work.(top up the screenwash)
  • make sure the boots clear to allow access to the spare
  • check the windscreen for chips in the drivers area,if you are fully comp then these can often be fixed for free
  • check the horn works

get your hands dirty

  • take the car for a test drive and listen for knocks,clumps and thumps hinting at suspension problems
  • check underneath and inspect the engine/gearbox mounts
  • check the driveshaft gators are secure and not split/leaking
  • while there make sure the sump is sound & not leaking
  • check the exhaust/manifold for leaks/blows
  • check the petrol tank for leaks
  • now its a cento so unless you have done it the handbrake WILL need adjusted at least.
  • also check the handbrake cable for fraying/damage
  • if you run an induction kit then enure you have a closed loop crank breather and not to atmosphere
  • as this is now an MOT fail

get your hands dirtier

a lot of jobs are/will be covered in the guides so i wont go into to much detail.
  • jack up the wheels individually
  • make sure none of the brakes are binding/dragging
  • move the wheel back and forward in a vertical motion.
  • with your hands on the 12 and 6 o'clock positions to check for play
  • do the same with your hands at 3 and 9 o clock
  • make a visual inspection of brake lines,shock absorbers,fuel lines for any leaks/seepage

cooling system
  • while the car is in for MOT it will be idleing for a while and rev'd for the emissions.
  • so if you have cooling issues,faulty cooling fan etc then fix it before it goes in!
  • this isnt an MOT fault but if it overheats they wont run an emissions test

on the test day
  • if you are driving to the test centre to have the test done at that time then take the car for a good long drive.
  • this allows the catalytic convertor to get up to temperature and work efficiently.
  • this helps to pass emissions.
  • adding a petrol cleaner (eg redex)before the run can help too
  • make sure it has plenty of petrol and screenwash.
  • give the car a clean
  • not an MOT fail but it it gives the impression of a well cared for car.
  • remember a lot of MOT points are in the testers opinion so a good impression helps.
  • in my opinion its better to deal with little problems before as if you start racking up fail points the MOT tester may just start failing things that would have been advisories on a well better prepared car
  • if you have MOT left on the old one then leave this in the car so it can be added to the new mot(max 1 month)

hints and tips
  • your local council MOT station is obliged to offer MOT's to the public though its never publicised.
  • the beauty there is they have no interest in earning from repair work so can be a cheap MOT
    council MOT garages.txt
  • if your spare is bald/damaged then remove it before MOT.
  • its not a fail if its not present
  • be nice! fail the attitude test then you are more likely to fail the MOT

    here you can check the info on a cars previous MOT.
    handy for seeing what it had as adviseries on the last MOT

brakes.pdf Catalytic%20Converter.pdf

exhausts.pdf lights.pdf

Other%20MOT%20Recommendations.pdf seat%20belts.pdf

steering.pdf suspension.pdf

wheels%20and%20tyres.pdf wipers%20washers%20windscreen.pdf
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