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MOT issues help steering column top bearing worn ? according to mot

hi all

took my seaicento sporting abarth for an mot which it failed on over a few things

but the one that iam looking for info on part availabilty is they gave an advisory on the Steering Column Top Bearing saying its slightly worn ,certainly if you grab the steering wheels at 9 an 3 position and waggle its side to side you can feel a bit of play.

any idea if you can just replace the bearing or is it a new steering column

and any ideas where to get the parts

also prior to the mot i stuck in 15 litres from the light just coming on of shell super unleaded as well as a bottle of that Nitrox hot shot ( i had it in the car anyway ) and thought ok it would help with emmisions....err it so didnt car failed its lambda reading and exhaust emmisions carbon monoxide at idle excessive.

car is needing a new lambda ( ive got a new bosch one to fit ) and the centre exhaust pipes leaking

any suggestions on where to get front suspension wishbones car needs one due to a busted ball joint cover ( will replace in pairs ) was on ebay and they go from 20 each upto around 60 for QH ones is there a tye that are better than others ideally OEM or as good as but its hard to get OEM quailty these days.

anyhoo thanks for any help. Cheers Stu
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Re: MOT issues help steering column top bearing worn ? according to mot

OE parts are easy enough to get -- just ring Big Mick at eurocarcare in Derby (Google will find).
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Re: MOT issues help steering column top bearing worn ? according to mot


I just replaced the boot, needed to shorten the ball joint bolt end to allow a scissor ball extractor in the gap, locked the nut in place afterwards with a punch.

When you separate the ball from hub carrier, you can undo the strut bottom bolts and lift the brake and shaft assembly off the bottom arm ball. Clean the ball joint with clean rags only and fit new boot, with moly/Li grease. Think generic boots are available via google, I had a junk box set.

Removing the bolts into the box section securing the bottom arm looked too difficult, for me, the captive nuts may stop being captive. Impact drive and lots of plus gas A over time, to avoid needing access to box section...

P.S. needed to alter the scissor extractor with a hack saw to get it in the gap, and use lots of plus gas A and heat...
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