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modifying fuel and air intake lines

going to buy a fuel vaporiser that puts more fuel vapour than liquid fuel into engine (like a pre ignition chamber) it takes the gasses from top of rocker cover and reburns them colecting the oil and water vapour:):):):)

plan is to make the tube from rocker cover wider as to collect more unburnt fuel -that goes into to vaporiser

then this thing vaporises more fuel. then im going to put the vapour fuel into fuel in hole on throtle and pure fuel vapour into the hole where the return pipe used to go

also was thinking about placing a aliminum bottle somwhere warm containing half water half alcohol or methanol next to the airfilter intake so it adds water and alcohol vapour to the air via a hole in the rubber tube wich will synthesise the conditions on a cold day (with a fiter to stop big droplets) with more water vapour in the air the alcohol/methanol vapour would act chemically in the engine as methanol burns after petrol therfore increasing the preasure needed to push the piston and water vapour adds to the explosion (chips in a chip pan but on a smaller scale)

water injectors are available for car's intake systems also. in an internal combustion engine vapour is what burns that is y u get a flooded engine on some cars liquid fuel does not burn well i an engine if it did there would be no need on LPG cars to have a vaporiser to boil the liquid into gas

the reason we can not boil petrol to produce alcohol and methanol is fuel additives ie lead, a carborettor (pogue carborettor) was invented in 1937 cars did 200mpg it refined petrol made alcohol (oil refinery chemistry in school) and methanol but then oil companys put lead and aditives in petrol made the pogue carb redundant oil-world-economy i might be turning into a conspiracy theorist sorry but another price hike in petrol.

whould i incounter and problems from sensors ect????? when i do my mods im hoping for 400 miles per tank of fuel and more power:):):)

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