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Re: Components *56k unfriendly*

Given it's MPI, cheaper to throw a code reader at it?
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Re: Components *56k unfriendly*

Very handy old thread - stickied and title edited.
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Re: Major Components - Pictures

Heres an update.

I handed the car over to "the experts" before Christmas for work,inc new clutch and cable.
They balls it right up and I decided to be less lazy and sort it myself.

But anyone that has been reading anything I,ve been posting has seen that I,ve had rough running/hesitation thru the gears but fine in 5th.



Turns out it was the so called,performance exhaust.
After "the experts" had finished with it,I had a smell inside the car at lights and rattles and knocking on the rear valance.
I took it to my local tyre and exhaust emporium,that I have used before...good blokes...And they showed me,before they started work on the car,what was wrong.

The exhaust was split at the flexi joint and slight leak.The middle silencer/baffle had been removed and a section welded was leaking from the joint going into the big silencer,so called "Powerflow" muffler.

Talking with one of the guys there (thanks Pete) he told me about a Lexus he put a "performance" exhaust on.He had similar issues and the car was down on power and lacked torque.

One brand new standard exhaust,Cat back,later and normal service is resumed.
The car is smoother,quieter and has a nice little torque "hump" right where there was a nasty flat spot before.

I,m still replacing the MAP sensor,just coz I have one but its everything I always knew it could be now.A right little nippy motor and I,m sure it,ll run me down to Hastings from Nottingham,in a months time.Heck...I,m even going to service the engine and get it valetted,as a reward

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