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Front right window not working (shorted out battery?)


couple of days ago I've noticed my front right window is not working anymore (both driver and passenger buttons don't work).

I've checked the F48 fuse under the dashboard (Front power window (right side)) and the F02 next to the car battery (Dashboard control unit (CPL) (power window system)). Both were OK, but I replaced them, just to be sure. The window still won't open.

Then I tried to disassembly the door itself. Everything seemed OK and well connected. However, when disassembling the speaker next to the A pillar, couple of lights went on (Airbag failure, ABS failure, something with ESR, and one more I believe). Also, the radio stopped working and everything was dead except of basic dashboard backlight/illumination. Window buttons stopped working, I wasn't able to start the car, it looked as if the battery was dead all of a sudden. The battery was showing 8-9V when idle and around 4V during ignition. I beieve all the lights were there because of the dead battery.

When this happened, I was disassembling the A pillar speaker, but it was still connected, I was just removing the covers, etc.

The battery actually was couple of years old and I was definitely planning to change it asap, but it was starting perfectly just couple of minutes before this happened. I don't know whether it could die this quickly the natural way, or some kind of short circuit happened. When I connected the new battery and set the key to the second position (MAR), the battery was showing 12.75V and it slowly went to 12.35 during around 2 or 3 minutes. Then it stayed stable. Is this normal, or is it signal to some problem?

Lastly I assembled the door and everything is well now. The lights on the dashboard are gone, car runs fine, but the window still won't open.

Can you give me some advice? Should diagnostics help? Thanks.
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