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Bravo Brake Calipers

Wondering if anybody can help me here.

The Bravo Sport 150 t-jet has 281mm vented 4 stud front discs and I am thinking whether its possible to use this beefier set up as an upgrade the front brakes on a Mk1 Punto GT (fitted with bigger wheels obviously).

Not sure how interchangeable these Fiat parts given the age differences but does anybody know the mounting hole centres for the carriers on these Bravo calipers to fit the GT hubs?

if I can fit bigger discs and pads I expect to see considerable improvements on the GT but so far I have drawn a short straw when trying to stick to the Fiat parts bin. Coupe 16v Turbo calipers will fit but the carriers require skimming to centre the discs in correctly so I would prefer a direct fitment.
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Re: Bravo Brake Calipers

I think i can help a bit:
1. the front calipers on the Bravo t-jet 150 are the same as the Stilo 2.4, the Stilo 1.9 140hp, and the Bravo 2.0 165... they all use the same calipers, brake pads (152mm long) and disks.
3. 15 inch wheels fit over them as standard. Even the space-saver spare wheel.

2.The distance between the mounting holes is 110mm ( i am 99% sure.. it has been some time since i measured them...might be 100 mm)
Are the Coupe ones the same distance??

Bravo disk details:
Diameter [mm]: 281
Offset/height [mm]: 43,5 (measured the height of the disk with it on a flat surface).
W (kg): 6,92
thickness [mm]: 26
minimum thickness [mm]: 24,2

The other Bravo's like the 90 hp, 120 hp, etc use some thinner disks, 24mm... the difference is in the ventilation capability of the wider ones.
These also have smaller brake pads a few different sizes.
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Re: Bravo Brake Calipers

i got a set of Brembo calipers from the old Coupe 20v Turbo.

will be trying them on when I get my 2010 Bravo Tjet 150 1.4M

The Coupe used to run 305mm disc and i am checking with 2 companies who can custom 2pc rotors.
Looking at 330mm rotors to run with the Brembo calipers.

if the custom rotors doesn't work out, i will go with the stock 305mm on the Coupe and try to marry them into the Bravo

will get pictures up soon
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