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Loss of power / Intermittent issue whilst driving

GF's car is a 2007 Fiat Bravo 1.4l TJet Manual (150bhp) with nearly 80,000 miles on the clock. It has recently been checked over and serviced by a reliable garage and given the all clear.

For the last few days she's been reporting that the occasionally whilst driving along at a steady pace (say 30mph in 3rd gear) she will just 'lose power'. She describes this as she can put her foot all the way down to the floor and 'nothing happens'.

What actually seems to happen is she's accelerating in say 2nd or 3rd gear and all of a sudden the car stops accelerating - no matter how far she pushes the throttle down the revs stay exactly the same (meaning the car stops accelerating and cruises at the current speed).

As soon as she changes gear the issue goes, but it happened a few times on a 20 minute journey yesterday. She also said when it happened earlier that she pushed her foot all the way down on the throttle, nothing happened so she pulled her foot off the throttle and then when she put her foot back on the throttle the car was fine.

Car was purchased from a dealer exactly 6 months and 1 week ago annoyingly.

I've visually checked all the pipes are perfectly attached in the engine bay and all the fluid levels are topped up, I've driven the car (only for 5 minutes) and couldn't recreate the issue. I've tested all gears and all through the rev range and the car drives perfectly to me.

She first noticed it on Saturday, and she did fill up with petrol on Friday.

Any ideas? I've suggested filling the car up with more fuel just encase it was a dodgy batch (although very unlikely). So far it's only happened in lower gears (2nd and 3rd) and the car was fine on a 1 hour motorway journey last night (5th and 6th gear, 50mph-70mph). No warning lights come up on the dash at all.

Any ideas?

Edit: I'm leaning towards the Brake Light Switch as described here but want to double check.

My Bravo

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Re: Loss of power / Intermittent issue whilst driving

Probably this:

Quite common on this car, and I have lost count how many times I have had to type this out. So i'll just like other threads.
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