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3 Brake Lines & a ABS Light

Last friday my ABS warning lght started coming on & off intermitently this problem got worse on Monday when the brake warning light came on and i lost all pressure under the brake pedal. A look at the fluid bottle quickly pointed the problem at a loss of brake fluid.
As i could not find the leak in any obviouse place i took the motor to the garage who said that 3 brake lines were holed and another wasn't far off. I got the 3 fixed but could not afford to get the fourth done:I. ANy way the lights all went of until i had travelled about 10 miles then the ABS light came on again.
I have checked the level of the brake fluid which is full (as in above the max line, full to the brim almost).
Why is the ABS light on now i can only think its either due to the bottle bieng over filled or the brakes need bleeding some more./

Please help, need to get this sorted asap.;)


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abs lights will come on when a wheel sensor is not working.its a little lasser beam that detects wheel slip.its electrical and will have wires on it.try cleaning the dust off each 1.they do not leak also have a hydraulic unit pump,that pumps the peddle and stops the wheels locking.when the abs fault lght is on the system is shut down.normal brake remain.the fault light is an mot failure.the chances are it wont be cheap to fix.bleeding is not as easy as a non abs ecu unit fitted when read will give a fault are going to need a good brake equiped garage.

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