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Bravo HGT front wing compatibility?

My bravo has a little rust bubble starting on the front drivers side arch. It's a shame as it's the only bubble on the bodywork and only there because there is an untreated stone chip on the arch lip

I'm in two minds whether to get a bodyshop to sort it and respray the wing () or to source a replacement wing in the same colour.

The latter is my prefered choice as it will save me money and I can fit it myself. The only problem is that HGTs are in short supply and finding a HGT thats being broken, in my cars colour, is going to be tough.

The colour is GRIGIO STEEL 647.

Got a few questions though.

I know the bravo HGT has wider wings specific to that model, but I believe that some varients, if not all, of the marea share the same wings. Can anyone confirm if it's just the 20v engined Mareas that share the same wings or do all Mareas have the same wings as the Bravo HGT?

Do any of the Brava varients share the wider wings?

Can anyone confirm if the Marea ever came in the GRIGIO STEEL colour? Would be interested in the driver wing and poss the front bumper if I can find someone breaking a decent condition one

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Re: Bravo HGT front wing compatibility?

All varients of the marea have the wider wings

And as far as I'm aware no Bravas ever came with the wider wings

Personally if it were my car I would have a front end respray rather than taking wings from another car as they won't ever fit the same again

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