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Re: reg valve?

Exhaust Gas Recycle Valve

Take it to fiat and get it sorted under warranty
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Re: reg valve?

Quote Originally Posted by sshnlawson View Post
Ive lost all the power in my Bravo 1.9 105 JTD. Apparently there is a valve called the r.e.g. valve???? on the exhaust that opens and closes and pushes air through the system and creates the power??? Does anybody know what the hell these valves are that im being told about? and where I can get one? Please help he is so slow at the minute and I not be liking it.
Usually a new MAF (air flow meter) will solve power problems as these are the most common failures on the JTD, this is the sensor located just after the air box leading to the engine, near the battery. Typically if your car struggles to rev over 3000-3500 rpms its the MAF. If you get sudden bursts of power or lots of smoke then its the EGR. However if you still want to replace the EGR then dont bother, clean it. Here is a guide on how to clean the JTD105 EGR....

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Re: EGR Valves

How much could the MAF affect power ???

I bought a lemon today bravo 100 hlx jtd, no power, max rev was 4,500 and I couldnt get it above 30-35 at points, got recovered in the end !

now it wont go over 2000 revs, and almost stalling under movement.

recovery guy said most like a sensor on the gas pedel ????

please, sob sob, what to do......
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