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HLX alarm woes


I've just purchased a '96 Bravo HLX, which I'm very pleased with. However I have a couple of problems with the alarm, I've trawled the forum for help but I'm still not 100% clear how to proceed.

1. I received two blue alarm keys with the car. Both work the locks and immobiliser, however only one actually works the alarm and central locking remotely. The LEDS on both keys work fine. I've tried new batteries to no effect. I also tried adding a the non-working key to the alarm as set out in the manual. When I carry out this procedure and press the button on the non-working key the flashing LED in the receiver goes out. Does this indicate the alarm is 'full'?
As far as I can tell I have everything I should have got with the key, 2 blue keys, two 4 digit codes on little stickers, the alarm key, some metal tag and two little blue tags.
Two of us will drive this car, so I could really do with two working keys!!

2. When I set the alarm using the working key it beeps and flashes the indicators once, then beeps again breifly. The manual says this indicates something is open. Everything is shut... The alarm does seem to work though, opening the door without disarming it sets it off....
I've seen directions for getting the alarm into some diagnostic mode in order to check which sensor is amiss. Can someone send these to me?

Sorry for so many questions in my first post, I really hope someone can help me out before the dealer looms!!


John V
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I had problem with one of my blue keys.
The unit in the roof did not pick up the signal to open/lock the door or set the alarm.
New light on the key working but still no joy so.
new key - transponder and reset by fiat (under warranty).

short beep will be heard after the main beep if theres a fault check that the doors-tailgate and bonnet are closed if all ok check the switches are clean and working.
IF theres still problem it may be a trip to fiats

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