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Bumper discolouration.

Hi folks,

I recently bought my first Fiat, a 2009 GP 1.4 8v Active 5dr in red with FSH, a full years MOT and only 18500 miles on the clock. Itís in almost immaculate condition inside and out and I think I got a fairly good deal at £2990.

However, both front and rear bumpers are a slightly darker shade of red. I was concerned that the car had maybe been in a bump and had these replaced but the dealer assured me it hadnít. I checked the MOT history, service history and on the car where the bumpers are connected to the metal bodywork both front and back, under the bonnet and underneath even lifting the carpets to make sure but there are no signs of compression, buckling or crumpling of the paint anywhere. There wasnít so Iím fairly satisfied that it hasnít been in a collision and the bumpers are original but why are they darker?

I understand that paint on plastic has a tendency to fade but this seems to be the opposite. Other than a respray is there anything I can do to restore them to match the metal bodywork colour?

Also I was thinking about a few simple cosmetic mods to make it my own like chrome door handle and wing-mirror covers and windscreen wind deflectors.
Would these be notable for insurance purposes?

Any comments and recommendations welcomed, thanks.
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Re: Bumper discolouration.

If the colour is metallic or has a clear lacquer you options are repainting or live with it. If it's a solid colour, try T-Cut though its very hard work doing both bumpers by hand. You could get the whole car done professionally.
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Re: Bumper discolouration.

I suspect they're just discoloured. 2009 paint has no lead in it to stabilise the colour.. and red hues really need it.

You can understand why there are no few red cars around of that vintage, whereas red used to be the most popular car colour choice.

T-Cut won't do anything since the red pigment is under a clear coat so it's discoloured under a physical barrier. Abrasion won't touch it, just the clear coat. If the polishing cloth does not go red, then there's the proof.

You can try one of those Colour Magic impregnated polishes, over the whole car. It tends to restore the colour by leaving a layer of red (in your case) pigment.. which might equalise the colour difference a bit, for a few weeks at least.

Ralf S.
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Re: Bumper discolouration.

I have a Bravo 2013 and a Panda 2011 both have bumpers that appear different in colour. I consulted a specialist about repainting and he advised that it would not guarantee a perfect match because of the difference in base materials. My bumpers are also darker 1st car is metallic blue and second primrose yellow. I think it something you need to live with unless you want tom spend a lot of money on it without a guarantee of a lasting solution.
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