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Fiat 500 2015 1.2, brakes change


New to this forum - hi! I have been reading the other threads but not found quite the info I am after.

Just had service No. 3 on car and advice has come back as:
- Brake discs/drums - front - discs heavily lipped
- Pads/shoes - front - pads 70% worn

Can I please ask -
- Should I replace the from discs/drums/pads/shoes?
- Is there a place to buy genuine FIAT parts online, as I'm struggling to find it
- If I buy other parts, should any Fiat 500 2008- fit the car? That's how most seem to be categorised.

The 3 year warranty will be up 30 September, so after that I will be able to replace with non-FIAT parts.

Another warning was:
- Engine General - Sump starting to corrode, should I worry about this?

Many thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice.

Thank you
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Re: Fiat 500 2015 1.2, brakes change

Hi Lucy, your post wasn't in the Fiat 500 Section so most people won't see it here hence the lack of replies.

It actually doesn't matter if the warranty is not up, you can use good quality parts for service items and this should not affect the warranty. for example, a good quality oil filter made by Champion or Bosch, should be made to exactly the same specifications as the fiat parts and therefore would not be expected to cause any problems come any warranty claim.

You can buy good quality brakes from the likes of Brembo which are to the same standard as fiat parts, usually a lot cheaper. If you are yourself or have someone who is handy with spanners this can easily be done on the driveway in an afternoon, more so easier on a newer car like yours.

As for the Sump, its a comon problem on fiats, they sit down low in the path of all the grit and grim on the roads and get sandblasted by all the detritus. However no need to worry about it, I made a video which shows you how you treat it and not have to then have to worry about a messy and unnecessary replacement a couple of years down the line when the rust gets worse and leaks oil.

Video is for a punto but works equally well for any fiat with a rusty sump.
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Re: Fiat 500 2015 1.2, brakes change

For replacement discs and pads, any local motor factor should be able to supply you with quality parts. Euro Car Parts have branches everywhere, but can be more expensive than necessary. Their website often gives offers, but prices in-store can be cheaper than on the web. They have a sister company, for mail order only, usually giving better prices than any 'special offer' Euro give.

I'd be getting Pagid, Bosch or Brembo.
I'd avoid the Eicher, but Pagid, Mintex and Brembo are all good.
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