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500S - Paint cracks under the clear top coat?


I'm having a bit of a crap year all told; I've managed to reverse into something last week and although at first all that appeared to have happened was a very minor dent/crease in the rear bumper, I've actually noticed what it appears to have done is crack the paint under the clear top coat where the bumper compressed on impact.

It shows up as a series of about 4-5 lines about a foot long. The question I have now is what to do about it. The car is only a year and half old and on finance so I will need to get something sorted. Also to add to this, someone scrapped the rear left of the car a few weeks ago (which I have cleaned up but not have fixed properly as yet).

Obviously the easiest thing for the car would be to just replace that entire section, however I have no idea how much this would cost.
The other would be to get those 2 sections fixed, and although I know that Chips Away could sort the scrape out I really don't think they could sort the crack lines out without a repaint job.

I know nothing about this sort of thing so if anyone has any advice etc. to bestow upon me that would be appreciated.
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