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Unhappy Bonding agent


I have got the genuine fiat front and rear diffusers but want them smoothed in on the bumpers and garages are quoting me about 400 to do it so I'm trying to save some money by doing the most of it myself! I have bought another set of bumpers as I know it could take a while

I have been told that there is better stuff out there than sikaflex and tiger seal and I'm just wondering if anyone knows of anything? (apparently an epoxy 2pak or something like that)

I asked a professional to plastic weld them on for me but for some reason fiat have made them from two different materials so it cannot be done

So before I go insane looking does anybody have and ideas, I just want to know what I can use to stick it on in the first place although I'm assuming that I can just use bumper filler to do the smoothing in?

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Re: Bonding agent

tigerseal is your friend when it comes to doing stuff like this.

as for the smoothing unless your confident and rather patient I'd leave to the body shop.

If think you can do it, then you can use a fiberglass filter/car body filler.. but I don't really know much about that. I used fiber glass sheets and resin followed by a body filler to smooth my bonnet on the mk2. worked well tbh!
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Re: Bonding agent

Hey, I'd advise using the 2k epoxy bonder as it best for permenant fixing. As for smoothing the bumpers it depends how big the gaps and holes are your trying to fill. If large use fibre glass to fill 90% of it and use a smooth filler to finish off. If small use filler and finish off with a smooth one. Also depending on size it could be wise to plastic weld a wire mesh to make big gaps smaller. That will reduce cost and be stronger in the long run. 400 doesn't seem too bad for two bumpers as this kind of work is very labour intensive and can be a pain even for pros. If your confident go for it yourself just take your time as bogging is frustrating for someone new. Hope this post helps mate and by the way all advice is genuine as I'm a painter
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