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Sidegate Motors Bodyshop (Great Yarmouth)

Sidegate Motors (BodyShop) – Great Yarmouth

Well, just to warn you all about Sidegate Motor’s Bodyshop of Great Yarmouth.
The most unprofessional people I know.

After booking my car in to have a little spot of rust seen to and also have the Grille Spoiler sprayed and fitted, it was on recommendation that I went to these.

A price of £200 was agreed and the car was booked in.
It was due to go in on the Tuesday after Easter, but due to Work commitments I couldn’t bring it in, but could bring it on the Thursday. After much rallying around to get the Insurance and Tax sorted I drove it to Sidegate Bodyshop and reversed parked it onto the forecourt area.

There I left it until the following Friday (1 Week later) when at 17:30 I got a call from my partner saying that a friend who was having some work done by the very same, were trying to contact me on account of having great difficulty in reversing? I was on the way home from work so pulled over and called on my mobile. The first thing I said was, ‘What have you done to my car’? And you can imagine the response I got. I could see where this was going straight away. I said it had a Short Shift and Weighted rod kit on it and that the travel between gears was approximately 2”. The response I got was that he’d been in this game for 10 years and someone else there had been in it 20 and no one can get it in reverse gear? He said he’d tried to ring several times but the Mobile was switched off, although it never is. I said where I work we’re not allowed mobiles and also it’s a bad area for reception. After the conversation got a little heated it was decided that I go and take a look tomorrow (Saturday).
Saturday morning I went over at 10:30 and so pulled along my Scirocco. Nothing had been done to the Scirocco, not even prepped for any work what so ever. The car was open and so I checked the gears, To say pick a gear was an understatement, I knew what was the problem unlike some and opened the bonnet (Short Selector Rod was bust), when James Wilhelmsen (Bodyshop Manager) walked up with food in hand and said ‘Is it F**king broken?’ to which I said ‘Yes, it’s broken alright’ He mutted words to the effect of ‘Glad it is as we told you it wouldn’t go in Reverse’. To which he walked off and went into the portakabin. I followed him straight in where another heated exchange took place, Yes his workmate was in the Portakabin as well.
This heated conversation then carried outside, only after I said I’d take this higher and make a formal complaint did he reply ‘Do what you want, I’m self employed’ and concluded ‘I think we better conclude our business here’ and told me to take my car away and that I’m lucky he wont charge me storage’!
Upon getting into the Scirocco the Handbrake was non-existent, both the latch and cables were off the main handbrake lever? I left my other car and drove the Scirocco in what Gear I could to my Sisters, where she brought me back to collect my second car. I didn’t trust my car there for one minute.
I stopped at the Main Reception and asked for someone as I wanted to make a formal complaint, where I was taken to a quiet office.
I talked to the Sales Director John Drake and explained to him. He said there was nothing he could do until Monday which I accepted, where he would have to take it up with James and the MD.
Well now it’s Monday and he phoned at 16:50 after I phoned twice to find out what has happened and not to my surprise, they have said:-

1) I didn’t park it where I said!
2) The gears were like it when I brought it in!
3) They haven’t touched the Handbrake!
4) The car wasn’t booked in!
5) They were professional at all times (as verified by his workmate).

What a surprise!

Anyone who knows my car knows the condition it’s in!
Would I really chance driving it like that! I think not!!!
Having owned 3 Scirocco's in 16 Years!
Last year the Scirocco only did 1740 miles and 1000 of those was to Skydiving which is a 200 mile roundtrip!!

So looks like I wont be able to get the work done before the first big show of the year, GTI International at Ben****ers.

So use them at your own risk!

Club GTI
Norfolk Regional Host

Club GTI - Norfolk Regional Host
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have you found any decent bodyshops round your way mate?!

I've rung up 2 or 3 places in norfolk, then when I've said what I want doing they said they quote me the earth... Does 1500 quid sound reasonable to you for fitting and spraying a bodykit, pulling out some VERY minor dents, and bolting on an alloy spoiler?!

Whoooooooooooooooooooooosh!! See that? Didn't think you did... That was my Punto...
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