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Low cost bluetooth solution for USB Blue&Me systems without AUX port


I own a FIAT Qubo 2015 model, with a built-in Blue&Me TomTom system. After switching from an iPhone to an Android phone, I quickly discovered I wasn't able to play music through my head unit anymore. Mainly because of the lack of A2DP, Android not being compatible with the USB system and no AUX input (for some reason?).

After a lot of failed tries, I bought this Bluetooth receiver:
Phone Star USB Bluetooth Empfänger Audio Receiver für HiFi-Anlagen, Kfz Autoradio, Sound Docks [NEUES Software Update] Android und iOS Apple kompatibel
on (I can't post links yet )

I thought I was doomed to fail again, since there was an AUX cable included, which made me think that the USB was just to power the device and the audio was transferred via the AUX cable.

BUT! It came in the mail today and to my pleasant suprise there was more to it. When I plugged it in my PC, I saw that there were 6 large media files pre-stored on the USB drive. I could hook my phone up with Bluetooth, start playing a song on Spotify, play one of the tracks on the USB via my PC and the sound from my phone was being streamed via the mp3 file to my PC audio. Nice!

I tested it, and it actually works on the Blue&Me system! It comes with some drawbacks though:
  • I had to disconnect my Phone from the Blue&Me system before Blue&Me found the USB device (could reconnect afterwards though)
  • The music stutters sometimes, it gets less frequent over time though
  • There is about a 10 second delay on what you play on your phone and what you hear through the speakers. I suppose the USB device needs some time to buffer the audio it gets via Bluetooth
Given those negative points, I must say that I'm very pleased with the solution, certainly for that amount of money (€10, shipping included). The music quality is way better than a FM transmitter I tried.

So I hope I can help some people out looking for a solution, 'cause I sure know I was looking for one.

My apologies if this info was already out there, but I sure had some trouble finding it
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