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Blue & Me TomTom on Fiat Punto Evo Sporting 135


I have a Fiat Punto Evo Sporting 135 and want to get the Sat Nav that fits in the car correctly. Is there a particular model TomTom I need to get? And where is the best place to get it for the best price?

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Re: Blue & Me TomTom on Fiat Punto Evo Sporting 135

Having owned a Blue&Me TomTom2 for the past almost 3 years, I would say- don't do it ! A waste of money.

So, as your car was produced 2010-12, I believe you would also need a TomTom Blue&Me 2. Have you got the dashboard Option 68r port? Read up on, and how to check your B&M version, HERE where you can also check which phones are supported.

The cons of the system far outweigh- imho- the pros.

These cons are:

It's only a 4.3" screen
The option 68r port only actually provides power to the unit, no other function so saves just one cable
The satnav can be controlled from your steering wheel- but in reality, when it's within easy arm's reach, will you ever? - I didn't.
Are you likely to ever route your mobile phone thru the satnav. when the onboard B&M2 system will handle it thru the dashboard info screen anyway,
With a 135 sporting, are you ever likely to want the satnav screen to show "eco drive" ( so you can't use the nav facility anyway) so you drive economically?

The killer I believe are the constant running costs. You can expect to get the unit for 199.99 from main FIAT dealers via ebay, brand new- but you will need after the "free" services expire ( maps ? 2yrs, Live & cameras 1 year) to buy updates of maps ( 60 a year) , "live" services ( 50-60 a year) and speed cameras (20 a year). Contrast that with the fact that all new TomToms have free lifetime maps, though other services are still paid for, and B&M2 owners are being royally ripped off....

The B&M2 is really just a GoLive 1000 which has been FIATised to include B&M connectivity. You can buy second hand GoLive 1000s for around 40-50, and buy a option 68r dashboard holder ( I have mine for sale, as new, 30--50-60 from dealers), then you get the same satnav without B&M- BUT you still have to pay for new maps

I certainly would not lash out 200 again- I dropped mine and it ceased to function.I just bought a TomTom Start 50 for 60, new and sealed, with a genuine TomTom case, and free lifetime maps. I don't miss the B&M functions one bit !!!!

It's your money, and your choice, but that's my experience anyway, to perhaps your decision making..

By the way, FIAT abandoned B&m in 2014, to replace it with another system-- UConnect. So, though it is currently supported with updates, how long will B&M2 continue with FIAT support. Read the B&m pages on here re the updating process- difficult to follow, and can give a lot of griesf- anf check the list of phones supported by B&m, and read the experiences of those on this site with various connectivity problems
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