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Easily Add AUX to USB only Blue&Me (Alternative to Blue&Me Adaptor)

Hi All

I have seen an number of forums and found alot of people looking for an option to connect their iPhone, iPod, Mp3 player via an AUX cable but have not got one installed and are stuck with the windows only USB port (If your pre 2010 as I am). I did not want to fork out for the Blue & Me Adaptor and also didn't want to start taking the stereo out and messing with the cables so went out to figure out an easy and tidy way to do this and below is my solution. This will give you both the Aux option and USB both still active. This has liekly been suggested elsewhere so apologie if a repeat of something else.

1. Buy the following - USB hub (Must not need power cable)(around 4), FM Transmitter (Mine was 7), AUX extension cable (around 2). All these can be found online or even bigger supermarkets.
2. Plug the USB hub into your USB port in the glove box.
3. Plug in the FM transmitter (this give you the power without trailing leads from your cigarette lighter)
4. Use the AUX extension lead and plug one end into the FM transmitter. Take the other end and to the top right of the glove box there is a gap which drops down to just infront of the gear nob under the stereo, here you can leave the cable to be use and will not get in your way but is ready for use. (You will NOT need to remove any parts of the dash to do this)
5. Tune your radio to the transmitter and program to a spare number (By holding it in if you aren't already aware). You can then easily select this when wanting to use the AUX cable without any hassle.
6. You can now also connect a USB stick to the USB hub in the glove box and easily switch between the two by either going to the radio station selected to use the AUX device or using the media player to access your media drive.

This will also leave all of your Blue&Me functionality untouched and you wont have cables all over you car but instead hidden in the glove box.

You could take this a step further and use the same principle to fit an AUX port somewhere between the seats for easy access and still use the FM transmitter to listen to whatever you connect. This would likely entail drilling a small hole in your nice shiny car but each to there own.
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Re: Easily Add AUX to USB only Blue&Me (Alternative to Blue&Me Adaptor)

Thanks! Nice info
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