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Posted 28-03-2012 at 20:27 by X FRANKIE RABBIT X

My Fiat Panda 1.1 Active 35,000 mile has started to stall or misfire.
It started a month ago I changed petrol, used Redex finally the engine warning light came on i took it to my local garage they said there was no problem still misfiring took it back they change one coil because the fault code said it was one of the coils still no better took it again they changed the other still no better took it again they said that the HT Leads were stuck seized to the plugs they re fitted them and re spaced my plugs it ran fine for 400 mile until it started again.
I changed garages and took it for a service and got the HT Leads changed, along with spark plugs, oil, filters.
They told me it was coil pack 1 that had a fault and to take it back to the original garage to get em changed again as there under warranty.
What is wrong?
What can I do?
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  1. Old Comment
    This started happening to me today, the engines stalls in low gears or while slowing down, once it stalled as I turned a corner, the other time slowing down for a roundabout... all on the same road!

    Does anyone have any idea what this might be please?
    Posted 29-03-2012 at 23:06 by RockSteady RockSteady is offline
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    I have been looking up misfire for three month now on the internet also asking people going to different garages.
    Most useful content I've found was on:
    Finally found out at a new garage that its my ECU its a common problem with Fiat Pandas and Puntos.
    Its costing me 600 pound today to get it fixed.
    Hope its not the same thing x
    Posted 23-04-2012 at 13:28 by X FRANKIE RABBIT X X FRANKIE RABBIT X is offline
  3. Old Comment

    I finally resolved my problem, I took my car back to the dealer who said it needed a system update, I went away for a few weeks and the same thing started again exactly one month after I collected the car from them. The problem is not covered by either warranty so it almost cost me 300 to have a 'loom' fitted, so I'm assuming it was an electrical problem. I complained to Fiat who in the end paid for 75% of the repair which only took one hour. It turns out that Fiat are not recognising this as a 'known fault' as they have not had a significant amount of reports to warrant a recall. Anyway the car works like new now but I'm trading it in for the new Panda. Collection in two weeks.
    Posted 19-06-2012 at 00:01 by RockSteady RockSteady is offline