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This is my diary of the restoration (all things being equal and not rotten) of a Sedivavole Mk1 Tipo.
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first landmark costing and progress

Posted 13-06-2007 at 19:58 by Tony M

Ok the car cost 200 and cost a further 60 to get it to my brothers...

that's it to date...

things that will need to be bought if not discovered in Andy's garage

Distributor cap
offside rear window winding mechanism
headlight wiper arms and blades
offside headlight glass ( i can selotape it for a while)


other issues...

the rear nearside door locking mechanism seems stuck... and i can't open the door. Is there a tried and tested route to free them off?

ok, after a short message from Tipomike about the rear servo freezing up and how to check, it's almost certainly the case that the rear door lock is seized... so i will have to go in through the interior and see if I can work the mechanism loose.
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  1. Old Comment
    Gah...I remember that Dizzy cap (I helped Sumplug with that last summer). 'Farce that was.

    Still in need of a cambelt?...because last thing I knew, it was removed using a knife in fustration cos we needed to get the cams out to sort the distributor take-off.

    Looks shinier than when I last saw it...looking really clean there externally, the interior is also pretty damn good. Musta dmit I was sorely tempted myself, although I hadn't got the space and couldnt warrant a 2.0 's running costs.
    Posted 17-06-2007 at 16:17 by arseofbox arseofbox is offline
  2. Old Comment
    I suspect that i have a cam belt in the glove compartment... I haven't had time to check it to confirm, there's also a 'V' belt which i'm guessing it for the ancillaries (water/steering pump).

    I may get a chance to look next weekend... touch wood.
    Posted 18-06-2007 at 07:49 by Tony M Tony M is offline