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fiat hymer engine 2.5

Posted 08-10-2012 at 19:12 by rich hymer

I have a fiat Hymer b544 1989/90 with the ducato 2.5 diesel.

The body is in good condition but the engine has died (cooked)
I have had no joy finding a replacement engine, is there any other engine that would fit?

any advice would be greatly recived

Thanks Rich
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Multijet Fuel Filter Replacement

Posted 20-07-2012 at 13:29 by AndyRKett

How too detailing whats required to replace the fuel filter on fiat multijet engines.

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Air Filter Box replacement

Posted 07-07-2011 at 21:04 by cmelb

Hi folks,
I am searching for a replacement air filter box for my Marea sx 100 1.6L 2000yr.
There is a hole in it of about 3cm diam. , the plastic is not in great condition.
I am finding it very hard to locate one, and I also live in France which is not helping matters.
I have been thinking about putting in an Induction kit, but all I can find online is the K& M 57i, and from what I have read they are not the best for your engine.
So any help would be great,...
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