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Rear Trailing arm bush - Fiat stilo

Posted 29-06-2012 at 14:56 by safe2damax

Hi i went to do my MOT, and i have been advised to replace my rear trailing arm bush.
However i cannot find any part shop which does rear trailing arm bush.

is there any other names for trailing arm bush for fiat stilo. I keep wondering

is this the same as subframe bush?
axle bush is it all the same?
How many bushes are there on rear fiat stilo?
need to narrow this down. Tried Europarts but cannot see name is trailing arm bush for rear.

if anyone know where i can purchase please let me know.
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    FiatFleetFamily's Avatar
    Yes its is. Get OEM originals from they are 19.99 each, but an 8 hour job to change yourself or you can do an exchange with Shadeyman in the Stilo Forum, fairly large post by him.
    Posted 29-06-2012 at 15:12 by FiatFleetFamily FiatFleetFamily is offline
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    sorry can you just clarify what you mean by yes it is?
    Posted 29-06-2012 at 16:20 by safe2damax safe2damax is offline
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    Thank you,

    so it is called Axle bush same as trailing arm bush right?
    Posted 29-06-2012 at 16:28 by safe2damax safe2damax is offline
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    theres only one bush (one pair that is) on the rear axle, you only need to change them if they have leaked thier fluid and bang when you hit bumps. If you have none of these symptoms just ignore the advisory as the bush sits twisted on the rear hanger and looks wrong when the car is jacked up.
    if you tested the car at another garage they probo wouldnt have issued the advisory,
    Ive put my car though the mot twice with knocking rear bushes that i knew needed doing but couldnt be bothered as it was winter, alas both times the car sailed though....
    BTW its a horrible job that ive completed a number of times now and only in the last few weeks we have worked out a better way to do the bushes, this requires a specialsed tool from fiat (approx 25), an hydraulic pulley set (75 approx), an large metal collar (mate to make one up on a lathe).
    Posted 30-06-2012 at 02:19 by roy lovelock roy lovelock is offline
    Updated 30-06-2012 at 02:22 by roy lovelock
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    Sweet thanks bro
    Posted 30-06-2012 at 13:40 by safe2damax safe2damax is offline