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My Blog of what i'm doing to my car, usually with really detailed pics so i can turn them into a guide at some time!

80sx's Blog

Posted 06-03-2007 at 17:08 by mountainmachine (mountainmachine's HGT Blog)

So gave the SX her old battery back as has only been running around our road (private) to keep her up to trim but hasnt run since before chritmas... but she fired up no probs! And took her for a wee spin up and down the hill a few times to loosen her off.

Still feels quit nippy, MOT for her expires 17 April... think i'll try and sell her, as she's just taking up space and could be of use to someone. Got a few wee things to put right as borrowed stuff off her for the HGT, fuses, relays,...
Bravo 155 HGT
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General Maintenance

Posted 06-03-2007 at 17:03 by mountainmachine (mountainmachine's HGT Blog)

Ok so new battery for the HGT today, it had been running on a 43Ah one for the last 8months that had came off my 80sx. So decided as it had run down a few times when i was working in the garage with the lights on that i'd treat her to a new 50Ah one, nothing fancy... but a decent one.

However on fitting today realise that the positive terminal clamp was damaged, just out of shape nothing major, but enough so it wouldnt make a good contact without modification, but fired up OK.. pheww!...
Bravo 155 HGT
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Operation - Center Console

Posted 04-03-2007 at 16:44 by mountainmachine (mountainmachine's HGT Blog)

Ok so have been waiting for a while for the perfect console, one thats electric, a mk2 and importantly isnt covered in vast amounts of mold or gunk! And had a working latch! So yestarday i found one off a W Reg Marea that had only come in the day before and was untouched...

So after spending a while taking it carefully to bits i called my mates over to give us a hand as was on top of a frame work and had to access via a set of small ladders, they couldnt beleive all...
Bravo 155 HGT
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