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My General ramblings, mostly car related

Stage 3: 1242 time baby!

Posted 13-04-2007 at 14:25 by Luke (Luke's Blog)

At long last, the time had come to 1242 the cinq. Id got all the tools, had all the necessary parts bought/cleaned/machined and already home ported my head and cleaned/reground all the valves over the previous 2 weeks.

So, lets start with the general build process as a summary...
  • Remove the old engine
  • Take off the water pump, oil pressure switch and alternator off the old engine and put on the new one.
  • Take cam out of the old head and put in the new head (and shim it all correctly)
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Stage 2b: Head Rebuild

Posted 06-04-2007 at 00:36 by Luke (Luke's Blog)

Finished stage 2b today which comprised of a full strip down, home porting, skim + chemical clean and valve regrind then refitting with new valve stem oil seals.

Did my checks (parafin down the ports) and no leaks, so am happy that its ready to go back in. Just need to measure the shims and get it all correct -but cant do that until i take the car off the road as i need the 75 cam out of my current engine.

For those doing the job, to crack the collets first use a large...
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Stage 2a: Block prep

Posted 26-03-2007 at 18:53 by Luke (Luke's Blog)

Decided i could do one messy job and get it out the way to speed swap time in a couple of weeks by stripping the 1242 down a bit to check condition of its guts. All looked very clean and tidy, no visible bearing wear or nasty lumps in the sump. So cleaned it all up, re-sealed it all and painted it ready to accept all the parts from my current 1108 at swapover.


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Stage 2 Delayed

Posted 25-03-2007 at 23:08 by Luke (Luke's Blog)

I started stripping down my head this evening for me to get skimmed. While i was here i decided to test whether the valves needed removing and re-lapping (which they did) so started to take them out. Only problem is my valve spring compressor dont fit so i need to buy another (which i cant afford till payday at the end of the week).

Since i cant really do much more until then, ive had to prospone work. I shall still get the compressors on Friday and strip the head and probably take...
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Stage 1: Brakes

Posted 23-03-2007 at 10:15 by Luke (Luke's Blog)

My new brakes come yesterday and i couldnt wait 'till Monday to see whether they made a difference and cured my mystery wobble under braking. i was only using standard Bendix stuff after my Punto Sporting brake conversion and i think i overcooked them somewhat.

New discs (Red Dot 20 groove) and pads (Red Dot) has solved the wobble which im pleased about, but as yet im still bedding them in so cant...
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