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front wiper arm stop position!

Posted 26-07-2011 at 18:46 by james watson

how do you get the front wiper arm to stop on the left instead of the right side of the window screen, any one come across this??
fiat panda 4x4 sisly 1990 model.
Thanks james.
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    lightweightmick's Avatar
    Maybe someone has fitted a LHD motor assembly in the past? Has it ever parked on the right..? (in that, has it recently started doing it?) Presumably it's designed to park on the passenger side...
    Posted 26-07-2011 at 22:53 by lightweightmick lightweightmick is offline
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    That could be possible, no not since I have owned it. All works fine but when you look at other pics of cars they are stopped on the passenger side. I wonder if by changing the wiring to the motor it can be made to stop the other side?? Ive tried messing with the wiring and is wired differently to the wiring diagram so am a little confused. It blocks the view of the drivers side and it seems that all other pics show otherwise. Thanks for help, apart from ebay parts are scarce do you have any other suggestions!!!
    Posted 26-07-2011 at 23:12 by james watson james watson is offline