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siem reap

Posted 23-08-2007 at 15:20 by Jai

tuk tuk? tuk tuk? no, no thanks, no.....

and so began 4 days in the north west of cambodia, as constant as teh mozzies, the relentless cry of the tuk tuk driving imploring you to take a ride with him, even though he has just seen you get out of another tuk tuk....sheeh

anyway, for starters, teh hotel....the angkor palace resort and spa, now i know pol pot would def not like this place, 5*s, massive pool, huge rooms, full on service luxury plus, for measly bucks.....i love it....

as for the people, very friendly, if a little too...tuk tuk? no! where was i...oh yeah...nice people, just a little over eager sometimes, but still, wandering teh markets it's expexted you haggle, and haggle hard, beleive me, the first price you hear is usualy 4 times what the final one will be, tuk tuk? NO!!!

anyway, we went nuts buying all sorts of...well cack and gash, as well as some really nice pieces for the home....and teh best bit, the local currency is so poo, everything, and i mean everything is listed in US$, yes in this part of gods country, teh almight greenback rules, and everything is negotiable..TUK TUK? TUK TUK? NO i'm busy ok?....jesusssssssss

as for the ruins and temples, awesome, they truely are magnificent, but 2 days is more than enough to see all teh good ones, and a few out of teh way ones, as well as a trip down to the lake, for a bit of crocodile yes thats right, watch this space in 3 weeks the photos will be up and you will be saying......cooooooooooooooool


**** OFF!!!!!!!
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