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15 hours in singapore.....

Posted 22-08-2007 at 14:00 by Jai

right, it's 1500 hours in singapore, and our flight out to siem reap leaves in 15 hours, at 0600 hours, from the awesome changi airport....a place where even the miniscule budget terminal makes T4 at heathrow look like a a crappyly run BR station.

within 30 mins of landing, we have deboarded, cleared customs and immigration, dropped bags off at left luggage, and well on our way to the city centre....

and what strikes me is how clean and traffic free it all is. i see more buses and taxis than private cars, and the fare to little india is a piffling 6 pounds.

and we off, quick prayers at the local temple for a passed away aunt, who is being cremated today back in london, and off for a late lunch, and a wander round, this older less developed part of the city, still it hustles and bustles and reminds you of southall and ealing road, and yet the cleanliness is all pervasive, people observe the rules of crossing the road.

and the food, dave, you'll go nuts here! all too soon though, feet are tired, backs aching so it's back to the airport to sit out the last few hours till it's flight time.

its cheapo budget, but comfy and ontime, and here we are, teh kingdom of cambodia, the majesty of angkor wat, the horrors of pol say it was a trip, is an understatement....
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