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Bringing both of my MK1 Uno Turbo i.e. back to life.
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getting ready for the off

Posted 08-08-2007 at 15:54 by Jai

well it's just about two days to go, and slowly the last bits of whats needed are coming together, which admittedly aren't much.

all the flights, trains, and hotels are sorted. as have the meds, and vaccinations. so far the hand luggage contents are about all i have gathered, a digicam, camera, mobile, and assorted accessories. couple of decent guide books, and my mini pg chimp, who is aiming to pop up all over south east asia.......

as for main bag, always beleived that packing any earlier than the day before a flight is bad luck, but even then it's not much, the rest is for vish to fill, after all he is going to live their, and needs to take so much more.

i'm hoping that as we travel all over, and there are quite a lot of major cities involved, anything that is desperately needed can be aquired easily, including some high capacity sd cards.

so as time draws on, must dig that passport out again........
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