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The tale of the black sei from cheadle!

Less is definatly more

Posted 06-04-2007 at 20:45 by ginner (ginner's Blog)

Today i fitted my uno wiper motor and arm:

And im impressed with the results. Bit of a bugger to fit but got there in the end and it worked first time. Just need to get a gromit for the hole were the second wiper should be and im done.
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Less is more and less

Posted 06-04-2007 at 20:32 by ginner (ginner's Blog)

Good and bad news on the sei this week.


Uno wiper motor and arm arrived and fitted today:


Not to much touble and worked first time which was a releive after being undecided on the wiring.


Clutch cable snapped. Fitted new one and thght end of. However now 3rd wont select and looking at new box and clutch.

Thats everything for now....
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First things first! The story so far.

Posted 30-03-2007 at 23:44 by ginner (ginner's Blog)

I brought the sei back in october 2005. I hadnt rated the cars before, but having writen off my mark 3 fiesta the previous week i was on the look for a new car. And my dad said, "why not have a sit in that, see what you think." Well, to cut a long story short, it was love at first seat.

Within an hour of putting the deposit down, i was signed up on here (best thing i did regarding the sei) and had purchased my black lexus lights and smoked indicators and side repeaters....
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