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Basically this is a blog of thoughts and ideas about Imola Blue's development. Main stuff will be on the Cinq/Sei forum, but will be linked to here.
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Posted 30-03-2007 at 19:46 by fingers99

Won some 15" wheels on eBay. Following the theme set by Orange, they're Alfa ones. Think they'll look nice in white (need to be white to avoid buggering up the blue/white theme. Now I need some 195/45/15 tyres. Hope they fit as seller was unable to tell me the ET.

The idea behind the 15" wheels is to curb the torque steer a little and to make high speed cruising a little more relaxing. If anything, they may improve acceleration by making it easier to apply full throttle!

ET is a big (for Alfa) 49.5! So they'll fit but even the rears will require 15mm spacers just to fit. and the fronts 23mm or so. They are huge and heavy, but should cope better with Blue's exuberance and make the little beastie more civilised. Tyres will be 195/45/15 in Rainsport or Toyo (Rainsport for preference, but we'll see what fate has in store). In the meantime, I'll get/make some Abarth centre caps for them and talk to someone about 2 packing them (one needs some re-finishing, too).
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