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Basically this is a blog of thoughts and ideas about Imola Blue's development. Main stuff will be on the Cinq/Sei forum, but will be linked to here.
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Posted 06-02-2008 at 01:39 by fingers99

Got a low mileage Sei MPI engine from foxyemx. Me and Aaron craned it into the back of Blue2 and in Liverpool I discovered my hydraulic hoist couldn't reach it. Still, 2 of us picked it out and tied a rope to it and suspended it.

The crane holds it in a nice position for an initial cleaning. Later I stripped off the manifolds and starter and alternator and covered the holes left by the manifolds with duct tape. (Hint: to prepare the surfaces to take the tape use spirit wipe.) Even in the photos you should be able to see how complete and nice this motor is. Getting the manifolds and ancilliaries off enabled me to put the engine on a load leveller, which enables you to adjust the angle of dangle: I got it with the (very cheap, made in China) hoist, but they'd be easy enough to make up.

Having the little trolley thing (made up from a couple of pallets and some old wheels) and being able to adjust the angle meant that removing the gearbox took about 20 minutes -- now I know why some people prefer to remove gearbox and engine as a unit to do a clutch change!

The gearbox is destined for Blue2: it's an Abarth unit, so isn't really suitable for Blue, as it has lower gearing and the whole reason for fitting the 15" wheels is to raise the overall ratio.

Now to make up something to lock the flywheel...........

Halt while I went to London via Sunderland and back. Then, to lock the flywheel I found the leg off a 3 legged puller and touched the ends a little thinner with the angle grinder.

It's held in place with a bolt and packed out with a bunch of washers.

So, clutch off, flywheel bolts loosened, crank pulley bolt loosened (do this with the engine on the ground) then, idiot that I am, I tried to loosen the cam pulley nut. This resulted in the built in keyway in the crank pulley shearing: they appear to be sintered and not, evidently, very strong............ What the hell, I've got the original on Blue and with luck it'll be the same pitch.

I took a pic of the waterways on this engine: no corrossion at all, nor on the inside of the thermostat!

So, flywheel off, tensioner slackened, belt off, crank pulley off.

Tomorrow this engine can go on the stand for a final degreasing and block painting and I can get round to pulling Blue's head off.

Today a bit more degreasing and sorting out the bolts to mount the engine to the stand (rear swinging arm bolts are fine, but I left the other 3 at the scrappy).

Began to pull things off Blue to prepare for removing the head. Pulled the plugs and found this:

The 2nd plug from the right is from #4 cylinder (which Aaron predicted would be the problem cylinder). The centre electrode is completely missing! To me it's a sure sign of detonation. I expect the piston to have a hole in it as well, just hoping that the head (which is, remember, destined for Blue2) is OK.
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    Paracord! Or string if you don't have paracord. I first tied it to something solid (I used the gearbox bolt hole), then wrapped it so that it "intertwined" with the flywheel teeth, then tied it back up to the hole. May take a few goes "intertwining" it but once it locks it locks

    If you need more clarification on what I mean I can draw up an illustration for you.
    Posted 07-02-2008 at 22:56 by col7104 col7104 is offline