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It started life as some sheet steel, blobs of plastic and a bag of torx bolts.
Now it's Grey, its a Punto with a silver Evo sign on the back.


That damn seatbelt warning buzzer!

Posted 19-08-2012 at 23:11 by EvoStevo (Evo-Lution - its not all its cracked up to be.)

Grrr, it going off constantly.

Nothing on any of the seats except my bum in the driver seat, all seatbelts done up and it beeps every time I accelerate.

Its in the garage at the mo, for the 3rd time for this. Records show the seatbelt clip at the side of the seat has already been replaced - they think this is in the wiring loom somewhere.

So I am expecting more faults after they have been messing around in there.
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Rear passenger window regulator failed.

Posted 27-07-2012 at 16:07 by EvoStevo (Evo-Lution - its not all its cracked up to be.)

Well, after having the car for almost 4 months I took it for its first real run last week, a holiday to Scotland - previously it had done +/- 12 miles a day - last week I did over 1000.

Because I had passengers the rear windows were opened/closed and oh heck - this one failed. the window stuck open making car security a bit - well insecure.

So I took it into Arnold Clarke in Ayre who fitted me in the next morning and replaced it all under warranty.

Well done...
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Stop and Start works at last!

Posted 11-05-2012 at 19:33 by EvoStevo (Evo-Lution - its not all its cracked up to be.)

Since I got this car the stop and start system has been very erratic, when stopping at traffic lights etc it will stop and then restart about 15 seconds later.

SO on a visit to the dealers (to get the plastic bit in the footwell replaced) I got them to put it on the computer where they diagnosed a poorly battery.

So they ordered me a new battery under the warranty and today I popped in to get it replaced.

As soon as I had left the dealers it was working much...
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Poorly designed plastic fascia in drivers footwell.

Posted 11-05-2012 at 19:29 by EvoStevo (Evo-Lution - its not all its cracked up to be.)

In the drivers footwell, where there is a plastic shelf for your foot when not on the clutch, this shelf also provides a side to the middle consol, it finishes off in a sharp point with a grill in it.

Well, it seems to be a bit of poor design because it keeps sticking out, this causes it to catch on a mans trouser leg when trying to press the clutch in so a bit of a safety problem there.

Took my Evo into Fiat last weekend to have it replaced under warranty (they said it...
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The Jack kit has arrived.

Posted 23-04-2012 at 18:43 by EvoStevo (Evo-Lution - its not all its cracked up to be.)

The car came with a compressor and a bottle of latex, having never used this before I am very hesitant to even use it in the event of a puncture.

So I have been looking for a spare wheel and a jack kit and today I managed to obtain an immaculate jack kit for 15 yay!

Next stop spare wheel - going to see someone about a spacesaver in the morning. And then I dare go further than up the road in it
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