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FIAT Auto Specialist Team
1999 T reg Fiat Barchetta blog. Info on all my mods and my day to day living with a 8 year old Barchetta.

Mods over the last month or so

Posted 05-10-2007 at 12:14 by docorangepeel (docorangepeel's Barchetta Blog)

Little update on whats been going on with my B. Well since the last post the car has now had the red Samco hose kit fitted as well as the upgraded ARB kit. My front calipers have been painted but I have still to finish the back two. I replaced the side indicators with clear covers but still to get my hands on replacment yellow bulbs. The air intake system is in and working but the pipework will not be made until the end of Oct.

I am also have an expansition tank made to replace...
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05 Aug 07 update

Posted 05-08-2007 at 18:42 by docorangepeel (docorangepeel's Barchetta Blog)

Splashed out on an anti roll bar kit this week but it has an ETA of 3-4 weeks.
I also got hold of the caliper paint so thats another job on the cards.

Still no joy getting the amp of the bloke on ebay. He has been kicked off so it looks like I will have to get a replacment when I am back off holiday.
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Moving on

Posted 30-07-2007 at 09:59 by docorangepeel (docorangepeel's Barchetta Blog)

Well its been a few weeks since I last posted, so this is a little update.

The battery is now moved and all finished.

The speakers have all been rewired and are ready for an amp in the boot.

Picked up a temp amp from eBay so that should be going in as soon as the postman drops it off.

CDA air intake system now fitted and the green filter sold.

Finished Dynamating the inside of the car.

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Battery relocation and oil catch tank

Posted 06-07-2007 at 10:57 by docorangepeel (docorangepeel's Barchetta Blog)

Update on the battery relocation and oil catch tank.

Well the catch tank is now in and the battery cables have all been changed and now connect to a single fixed location.

The 1/0 AWG cable turned up so I made a start on running it through the car last night. Well so far its been a nightmare ! I now have the cable run into the cabin but it was two hours of messing about just to get...
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Made a start on the battery relocation.

Posted 29-06-2007 at 13:01 by docorangepeel (docorangepeel's Barchetta Blog)

I made a start on the battery relocation project last night. Getting the battery tray out is only a 10 min job that will not give you any problems. I am going to cut out the battery support that you can see in the picture this weekend to give me some more room. The catch tank will go down by the side of the radiator as I found a nice simple place to mount it. I need to make two brackets so far. One for the catch tank and one for the positive cable connector.

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