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Bought the standard yellow cinq (sophia)in Oct 06 but have been slowly modifying it, Still want it have that street sleeper look and may even have some steel rim ( i can here you laughing.
Ramair air filter with modifield air box
air/fuel guage
oil pressure guage
jvc cd headset
600w amp
4" co axial front speakers
10" pioneer speaker and ported box


Posted 06-03-2007 at 19:49 by cinq117 (THE BEGINNING)

a bit of a moan
As mention before i was and have put on my back box, however a word of warning, when phoning your insurers ensure that anyone you talk to regarding modifications you get their name and the date of time of call, lucky i did
When i made a claim i stated that the car is standard and in future i will modify it, when you mention this they will normally get an insurance policy that when you mod you just phone and they adjust your policy. i also notifield them a little while...
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Had the MOT

Posted 03-03-2007 at 20:06 by cinq117 (THE BEGINNING)

My cinq failed its MOT but it failed cause i had the spare wheel on( the alloy i am refurbishing) what a result so all i have to do is put on the alloy with a new tyre and it will pass.
Half way with putting on my sportex back box would of finished today but the cinq has a tow bracket so i will have to remove it tomorrow before i can put the back box on.
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oh no!!!! MOT Tomorrow

Posted 02-03-2007 at 02:22 by cinq117 (THE BEGINNING)

Yep the dreaded MOT tomorrow , good news though i am having a drinking session tomorrow so i can drown my sorrows as well, will let you know how i got on.
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Sportex exhaust

Posted 28-02-2007 at 14:01 by cinq117 (THE BEGINNING)

Bought back box on sunday for 50 on e-bay, thought it was an exhaust that would follow the standard exhaust route but infact it is a centre exit exhaust so i be even more curious how it sounds and looks when i put it this saturday. Its nearly new and i ask why are they selling it and they said it was too loud, ah well for 50 quid i can't complain but will let you know how it sounds and look in the next blog
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Birthday + money = exhaust

Posted 23-02-2007 at 23:32 by cinq117 (THE BEGINNING)

Birthday tomorrow and have just bought sportex exhaust on e-bay will put it on next weekend plus i have a MOT ON THE 07.03.07. wish me luck.
I have to take off that stupid vari chip next week, i know i know it was a waste of money but i never knew at the time. Please take note from someone who has bought one DON'T DO IT, WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY, IT DON'T WORK. However i have used the knob for my adjustable windscreen wiper controller.
If i have money left over...
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