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Bought the standard yellow cinq (sophia)in Oct 06 but have been slowly modifying it, Still want it have that street sleeper look and may even have some steel rim ( i can here you laughing.
Ramair air filter with modifield air box
air/fuel guage
oil pressure guage
jvc cd headset
600w amp
4" co axial front speakers
10" pioneer speaker and ported box

Whats changed?

Posted 23-03-2008 at 09:57 by cinq117 (THE BEGINNING)

Its been a while since i last done a blog, so what have i done since then....

i have changed the front shoxs which have made a difference but i am now going to lower it about 20 to 25mm. Have taken off the lower strut brace as in having the cinq a standard height i still hit the speed bumps. i really don't recommend these lower strut brace for road use, i really don't know how people get away with it when their car has been lowered. Anyway that the reason iam going for 20 to 25mm due...
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Work done and shes quick

Posted 06-09-2007 at 00:42 by cinq117 (THE BEGINNING)

After scrapping one head(the cam seized) i have got her going. she is sooooo much quicker.
did all the work in the previous thread but instead of the 866 or is it 886 anyway you know what i mean i have put in a 4x4 cam from a 2001 punto. Someone in the forum said this cam is probably better used in the 1.1 engine and i don't know if this is true but believe me it has made a big difference. when i put my foot down at 2000 revs the cinq flies . i personally recommend this cam....
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Off with her head

Posted 12-08-2007 at 08:10 by cinq117 (THE BEGINNING)

hello Well it has been a while since i last blog, so whats been happenning? quite a lot in fact. due to the weather i thought this would be the best time to do all the major stuff on her.
so here goes......
head off at the moment on the bench, going to do a bit of cleaning and porting, the thing is i think the cinq head is quite good as standard, compared to a few i have done before so this will have a minor porting job and decoking. Plus i open and match the inlet manifold....
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the joys and pains of a cinq owner

Posted 13-05-2007 at 17:34 by cinq117 (THE BEGINNING)

Put on my fast road pads which is still bedding in at the moment and have ordered my shoxs and wheel spacers. Things where going all hokey cokey until i was driving through sunny saff east london then my cinq decided to stop dead and won't start. tried to turn it over and there was a funny noise with the fan belt. i checked it out and it was the alternator. took the thing off and it was seized, infact i couldn't even turn the pully with my hand. bought new one 80 odd quid sorted that...
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Mckcrich Chip....yipee

Posted 16-04-2007 at 22:17 by cinq117 (THE BEGINNING)

Updated the cold air feed to an aluminium one i bought from B&Q, it was a tight squeeze but was worth it...the more air the better.

Mckcrich Chip, was it easy to change?
Yep it sure was, much easy than i thought no probs at all, follow the instructions and you can't go wrong.

Very good, with my modified air box, cold air fed, heatshield and back box, it is sooo much more responsive and there is a bit more of an urgency to it. i highly recommend...
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