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Bought the standard yellow cinq (sophia)in Oct 06 but have been slowly modifying it, Still want it have that street sleeper look and may even have some steel rim ( i can here you laughing.
Ramair air filter with modifield air box
air/fuel guage
oil pressure guage
jvc cd headset
600w amp
4" co axial front speakers
10" pioneer speaker and ported box
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Off with her head

Posted 12-08-2007 at 08:10 by cinq117

hello Well it has been a while since i last blog, so whats been happenning? quite a lot in fact. due to the weather i thought this would be the best time to do all the major stuff on her.
so here goes......
head off at the moment on the bench, going to do a bit of cleaning and porting, the thing is i think the cinq head is quite good as standard, compared to a few i have done before so this will have a minor porting job and decoking. Plus i open and match the inlet manifold.
whilst the head is off the bench i thought i sort out the cam so i managed to get a 75 head(for sale if anyone wants it, just pm me) with a 75 cam so will be sticking this in, so hopefully i will a get a little power gain from this.
This is where i see to get the most power gain from as i have aquired a TB from the punto 75, how much did i get it for??? i got it for nothing what a result, a favour for a favour was the arrangement. anyway looking at the cinq and the 75 tb there is quite a difference in size, i think the cinq is 30 mm and the punto is 38mm. i spent some time opening and matching the throat to the cinq top half. i have to say it was easier than what i thought, just time comsuming. i have to say iam well pleased with the result and can't wait to see if there is a noticeable difference. also i opened up the spacer to match the 38mm tb.
I change the standard clutch as this was on the way out and cause i was upgrading the engine i thought it would be a wise move to go for a performance clutch. i have to say what a pain in the **** it was but got there.
I have also put on a lower strut brace as i am keeping the standard suspension height and have to stop that bloody brakes for squealing, so as you see i have been quite busy. can you image doing all this in the winter . will let you know the outcome when and if its running. see ya soon. next suspension and rolling road .
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