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Bought the standard yellow cinq (sophia)in Oct 06 but have been slowly modifying it, Still want it have that street sleeper look and may even have some steel rim ( i can here you laughing.
Ramair air filter with modifield air box
air/fuel guage
oil pressure guage
jvc cd headset
600w amp
4" co axial front speakers
10" pioneer speaker and ported box
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Mckcrich Chip....yipee

Posted 16-04-2007 at 22:17 by cinq117

Updated the cold air feed to an aluminium one i bought from B&Q, it was a tight squeeze but was worth it...the more air the better.

Mckcrich Chip, was it easy to change?
Yep it sure was, much easy than i thought no probs at all, follow the instructions and you can't go wrong.

Very good, with my modified air box, cold air fed, heatshield and back box, it is sooo much more responsive and there is a bit more of an urgency to it. i highly recommend it. worth every penny. happy??? yep!

So whats next
Brakes and the suspension, definate knocking at the front and the suspension looks shagged, so i will put new gas ones on. Probably will put on a upper strut brace and poly bushes. will not lower it though. To many speed bumps in Saff East London, i remembered when i had a lowered mk4 escort and it was murder. i may go for a lower brace since it will not be lowered but i am not sure as on the forum there has been mix opinions. Brake pads probably OMP.
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