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Fiat ducato gearbox code numbers for 2.8 jtd 04 plate

Posted 16-03-2013 at 18:11 by Fame van man

Hi there everyone , i am new to this site , iam looking for my correct gearbox , so i can replace it ,i cant find a code on the box i have ,
As my is a back to back van ie fame vehicle , but it has a 2.8 jtd turbo diesel on a 04 plate , i did notice a few for sale and codes seem to be different , but does this make any difference , as i need to pull heavy loads ie first to be low and high fith to motorway work , can anyone give me any clue , cheers to all , , fab site by the way !!
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fiat ducato 2.8 van gear box problems please help

Posted 11-01-2013 at 20:53 by aurorakitchens

Hi can any one help me my fiat ducato 2.8 LWB van as got a mind of its own. Some days all is well but now and then you can not get 1st or 2rd gear it will not let you put the gear stick over to the left.
Do i need a new gear box or is my van just having a bad day
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fiat hymer engine 2.5

Posted 08-10-2012 at 19:12 by rich hymer

I have a fiat Hymer b544 1989/90 with the ducato 2.5 diesel.

The body is in good condition but the engine has died (cooked)
I have had no joy finding a replacement engine, is there any other engine that would fit?

any advice would be greatly recived

Thanks Rich
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Ducato engine fail - please help

Posted 19-08-2012 at 17:07 by kirlyg

Hi all,
I have a 86 ducato diesel campervan. On last trip it developed a leaky water pump (gasket?) Popped some K seal whatever stuff in and topped water right up to get home. Sealant seemed to slow leak a bit, decided to head for home at steady 50mph keeping an eye on temp gauge. Drove well for two hours, no increase in temp (gauge working fine). Suddenly a 'poof', loss of power,small puff of smoke, game over, towed home.
My question is, has the head gasket gone? There's no oil splurts...
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fiat ducato campervan gearchange

Posted 11-06-2012 at 16:56 by kirlyg

Hi all, I have had a 1987 campervan for 6 months, tweaking tho all the little probs but having great fun, but have an erratic gearbox. Sometimes it is fine, then suddenly becomes incredibly difficult to change gear. Then next drive it's ok again (as ok as an old van can be.) but does make a 'clip' sound but I guess that's its age. Have changed rear engine mounting, adjusted clutch, checked gearbox oil (is golden and full). Driving country lanes in traffic with hills has become v stressful! Could...
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