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Sunny weekend art shot

Posted 03-06-2007 at 09:52 by docorangepeel (docorangepeel's Barchetta Blog)

Well the sun has been out all weekend, so I have been out in the countryside giving her a good run.

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Dual rad fan upgrade

Posted 03-06-2007 at 09:50 by docorangepeel (docorangepeel's Barchetta Blog)

Dual fan went in with no real problems on Friday. I am running out of space at the front, so stuff knows how I am ever going to get a intercooler in. I had to remove the top rad mount and manifold heat shield to get it in. The dual fan needed to be rewired as I wanted both fans to just come on at the same time and Fiat had it set to have one fan come on when the aircon was used. The connector was also different so you have to use the one off your old single fan. In the Fiat wiring diagram...
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More new parts

Posted 31-05-2007 at 07:15 by docorangepeel (docorangepeel's Barchetta Blog)

This weekend 26-27th May I went to collect a few parts from a guy braking his Silver Barchetta. I came home with a drivers door handle,

A leather gear knob (again) This is my 3rd.

Also on a barchetta with aircon you get two rad fans, so this is a nice upgrade to help keep the engine cool while stuck on the M25
You have to re-wire the fans a little but its not rocket science.
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Weekends work 20 May 2007

Posted 20-05-2007 at 21:46 by docorangepeel (docorangepeel's Barchetta Blog)

The new dash clock and bulb are now in, as well as the new drivers door handle and Dynamat on the inside of the drivers door and hood flap.

I fixed the oil cooler oil leak and cleaned the front and back calipers and ABS senders.

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Weekend work

Posted 18-05-2007 at 20:49 by docorangepeel (docorangepeel's Barchetta Blog)

This weekend I need to fix a small oil leak from the oil cooler pipe, as well as replace the dash clock with a second hand one that I picked up from a friend.

I also need to replace a dash bulb thats not working and take a look at the drivers side front brake caliper and brake replacment wire as the light has come on today while I was out for a drive in the sunshine.

Almost forgot, I have a replacement...
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